Supplementary Material

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This section documents common tools, commands, and functionality of Unix-based operating systems such as Raspbian, Linux, and macOS.


More supplementary material will be added here later.

Material to be added

  • Supplementary Material
    • Screen cheatsheet (remote connection to Pi)
    • Github cheatsheet
    • Git workflow
    • Git cheatsheet
    • Markdown cheatsheet
    • Pi vs Arduino
    • Other useful links
  • Helpful Resources (port from Robotics 1)
    • Github and Git
    • Python
      • Structuring large Python projects
      • Writing code: conventions and documentation
      • Differences between Python 2 and 3
      • Python tricks (pyclean)
      • RST (restructuredtext) and sphinx markup
      • sphinx and read the docs
    • Ground rules for programming