Raspberry Pi

Welcome to the Raspberry Pi guide. In this you will find information and tutorials on all aspects of setting up and using your Pi. See below for Why Raspberry Pi? and possible Alternatives to the Raspberry Pi.


Why Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi definitely performs best when there are heavy calculations into play but also is great for:

  • More processing power, so the Raspberry can come to the rescue.
  • Graphical applications
  • Big Data projects
  • Internet or network connectivity projects (IoT)
  • The need for USB peripherals such as a web cam
  • … and many more applications!

To choose between the two there’s is this Make:zine article that can help you out.

Alternatives to the Raspberry Pi

Here are some alternatives to the Raspberry Pi, although it’s important to remember that the Pi really is the best in its field with many many examples available around the internet.