Intro to Git & GitHub

What is a VCS?

A version control system (VCS) is one that allows the author to track changes to a file over a period of time. It timestamps information and allows multipl copies of the same work to be compared and merged together. Nowadays ‘git’ is the go-to VCS for software and many other types of media.

Understanding Git

To understand Git, there are a number of good tutorials out there to get you started. If you feel like you want to learn from the source material, you can check that out here. However we recommend that you learn from the videos produced by The Coding Train.


If you need a complete explanation on all the different aspects of Git - he has also created a complete playlist of videos explaining it all.


If you need a quick cheatsheet for Git commands, Tower has a pretty good one put together

The following graphic, also made by Tower, is a guide to how the Git workflow works:

Using a graphical interface for Git

There are a number of programs that you can use to visually interact with your Git repository. This makes working with Git very easy.


GitHub and Bitbucket are the two biggest public services for storing VCS repositories. We recommend you use the official GitHub guides. These will help you transistion your understanding of using Git locally, into using GitHub to host your files.