Welcome to the guide on Arduino. See below for Why Arduino? and possible Alternative Microcontrollers.


Why Arduino?

The Raspberry Pi and Arduino are complementary platforms and one doesn’t exclude the other. If you combine their capabilities you can achieve amazing results. But why would you use Arduino?

  • The community! Arduino has a lot of materials readily available online, from libraries, to examples. If you have something in mind probably someone has already done it and shared the documentation.
  • Uses very little power and boots very quickly.
  • Runs at 5V logic level whereas the Pi digital pins operate at 3.3V.
  • Incredibly cheap hardware which is useful for powering/controlling prototype electronics which might end up damaging your controller. You have to be more careful with a Pi as they are more easily damaged and more expensive to replace!
  • Real-time capabilities are more readily accessible whereas there are limitations and constraints to getting the same performance from the Linux-based kernal in Raspbian.

Alternative Microcontrollers

Note that microPython is an incredibly useful alternative to the Arduino community and there are a number of new and highly functional boards built specially for microPython.